11 days ago


With the new Master tier, I need to make a few changes to the site for it to work as intended. It should not be difficult, but once the change is pushed live it is possible you might notice some strange behavior with Diamond and Challenger players. Any of these issues should be short lived, but I figured I would give a heads up.

I am expecting to get those changes up within the next day or two.

3 months ago

I've released a few API fixes, so if you've seen slow or no updating in the past few days, that should be resolved.

I still have a ton of things in the pipeline that I'd like to get finished and released, but I've been absolutely swamped lately and haven't had an opportunity to get those things finished up. I hope to have time this weekend to get these changes finally pushed out.

5 months ago

Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm in the process of moving from California back to Colorado, so I've been a bit pre-occupied. With that said, here are a few things I'm planning on working on either before or after the move.

The manual updates (by viewing/searching for a player) currently only update that single player. I'll be changing it so it will update all players in the league, which should improve the ladder accuracy.

I haven't been scraping for Korea, the latest region we've begun supporting. I plan to put together a scraper soon, so we should be able to grow the region much closer to it's actual size shortly.

You may also notice that occasionally the Stats page will report more than 200 players in Challenger. This is a known issue which I'll be working to resolve in the near future, but it is not a huge priority.

As always, if you have any suggestions of yourown, please send us an email using the Contact link in the navigation bar!


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EUNE 3 Konektiv 1466
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TR 6 GG BenQ Godlike 1366
EUW 7 WhiteKnight108 1363
EUNE 8 PanDan NeeGodbro 1337
EUNE 9 Coortesan 1317
NA 10 Turtle the Cat 1308