about 1 month ago

The site has been struggling for a while. Unfortunately, real life got in the way of my hobby project. I've finally had a chance to get things put back together again, and make some much needed improvements.

With that said, I have some more changes planned. I'll most likely be killing off this front page and replacing it with a search box. While the news has been valuable at times, overall, it's not worth keeping around. I feel like the landing page should immediately get you started with looking players up. The news page may be replaced with a blog in the future.

The old site was about 10,000,000 players behind as far as updates go - and while I've churned through several million, it still may take a little bit to get every player updated again. The Stats page (and rankings) may change significantly, depending on how many players are significantly outdated and/or not even ranked in Season 5.

I've open sourced this project - and there are some definite ugly parts of the codebase at the moment. I basically rushed through getting the updater somewhat working, and it's a disaster as far as code goes. Feel free to contribute, nitpick, whatever you'd like to do. It's available at http://github.com/tyrbo/lolsummoners. There are no setup instructions at the moment. I'll fix that soon.

P.S. I love you all.

Top 10 Players

Region Rank Summoner Points
KR 1 SKT T1 Bang 1346
OCE 2 Chef Raydere 1331
KR 3 김핵구 1314
EUW 4 FNC Rekkles 1308
BR 5 KBM Minerva 1302
TR 6 SunwillQQ 1297
NA 7 tip impact 1291
NA 8 NME flaresz x 1291
EUW 9 SirNukesAlot 1272
EUNE 10 Fnatic Top 1265