about 2 months ago

Things have been a little slow lately. Okay, a lot slow. Real life obligations have their disadvantages, and I spend a lot of time progrmaming in general, so at the end of the day I don't feel as excited about working on LOL Summoners.

With that said, I have been getting some work done on the site, and getting it a bit up to speed with the changes I've missed out on. I should be ready to roll those changes out soon, at which point you'll see a significant change in the number of players on the stats pages. There are a lot of stale players there which may or may not have played since the reset, and those will be pruned as they should have been long ago. Players should be updated faster overall, which should be reflected in the stats.

Finally, for any developers out there, I've open sourced the code for the site. I haven't publicized the URL for the repo (although it is available), but I will be posting it once those changes are ready to go live. Anyone can feel free to check the code out, fork it, contribute, or do whatever you want. Some of the code is crappy, but.. such is life.

As always, feel free to say hey. The contact form should be working as usual.

7 months ago

Master Tier should be working now.

Please note that not every Summoner has been updated, and may still show in Diamond tier at the moment.

You may also notice that there is no Master tier emblem. That should be coming soon, and the stats will be updated soon to properly display Master.

7 months ago


With the new Master tier, I need to make a few changes to the site for it to work as intended. It should not be difficult, but once the change is pushed live it is possible you might notice some strange behavior with Diamond and Challenger players. Any of these issues should be short lived, but I figured I would give a heads up.

I am expecting to get those changes up within the next day or two.

Top 10 Players

Region Rank Summoner Points
OCE 1 Chief Raydere 1519
BR 2 paiN Olleh 1399
EUW 3 1ncarnati0n 1396
NA 4 Turtle the Cat 1340
EUNE 5 Konektiv 1327
KR 6 SKT T1 MaRin 1289
TR 7 OHM âprox 1271
EUW 8 FEB1VEN 1266
EUNE 9 Fnatic mid 1250
RU 10 Dr Neuron 1236